Conferencia Virtual de Agilidad Organizacional del PMI®

¡La Conferencia de Agilidad Organizacional ® PMI regresa más grande y mejor que nunca mientras examinamos los enfoques en evolución para la entrega de valor resiliente!.

Los conceptos más antiguos de la gestión del cambio propusieron que las organizaciones se congelarán en su estado actual, se transformarán y luego emergerán en un nuevo estado de ser.

En el mundo actual VICA (uno lleno de volatilidad, incertidumbre, complejidad y ambigüedad, al cual en CIMAS Proyectos nos referimos en un artículo), las organizaciones no tienen chance de quedarse inmóviles mientras cambian. Y, en algunas organizaciones e industrias, el «nuevo estado de ser» puede durar sólo un par de años.  

Para seguir siendo relevantes en el mundo VICA, las organizaciones y los profesionales de necesitan desarrollar la resiliencia de los cambios, la capacidad de permanecer en un estado de cambio mientras se proporciona valor. Esta conferencia virtual exploró el concepto de resiliencia del cambio con profesionales que la impulsan dentro de sus organizaciones, y aquellos que la viven como parte de su propio desarrollo.

La agenda fue la siguiente.

Session Abstracts

Keynote Address — Sense & Respond: Principles for the Next Century of Work

Josh Seiden

9:10 am – 10:10 am

Software has fundamentally changed the way business works. It is the way we reach our customers, the way we operationalize policy, the way we create new capabilities to reach our goals. Every business is now—in some form—in the software business. And yet most of what we think of as “management” relies on industrial-age models. Organizations that seek to thrive in the digital age need to think critically about the management techniques they use to run their business. Managers and leaders inside and outside of the software world need a new set of principles for the next century of work.

Adopting New Ways of Working: ANZ’s Delivery Transformation

Tony Maughan

10:20 am – 11:20 am

The new CEO of Australia and New Zealand Bank (ANZ) promised a customer-focused transformation when he took over the organization. Led from the top and enabled at all levels of the organization, Tony Maughan from ANZ will share the company’s story of adopting “new ways of working.”

The 3 Principles of Organizational Agility

Johanna Rothman

11:30 am – 12:30 pm

When it comes to organizational agility, we need collaboration at all levels, management excellence, and technical excellence. This session will explore what that looks like for an organization that uses projects as work containers, not as a project orientation. Projects should be seen as helpful for managing the work for now–and not doing more than we need.

Preview: PMI® Global Conference 2019

12:45pm – 1:05 pm Julie Ho, PMI

PMI’s Julie Ho gives us an inside look at the upcoming PMI Global Conference 2019 in Philadelphia! This year marks PMI’s 50th anniversary. To celebrate, Global Conference will feature a series of live TED talks applauding the achievements of professionals in a constantly disrupted world. That’s on top of our usual combination of cutting-edge education, networking and fun—including PMI’s annual Awards Gala and dinner.

The Change Resilient Professional

Mike Griffiths

1:20 pm – 2:20 pm

As a delivery professional, you may need to throw away your methodology-oriented mindset and replace it with a different framework—use what works. In this session, Mike breaks down the silos of waterfall, hybrid and agile and replaces it with a tailoring construct so that project professionals evaluate the best approach for delivering value.

Lessons Learned in Hybrid Agile/Waterfall Delivery

Michel Biedermann, IBM

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

As project lead, how do you deliver in an agile fashion when the customer teams you lead struggle with this delivery model?

Driving Change in the Government of Canada

John Medcof

3:40 pm – 4:40 pm

To keep pace in today’s disruptive world, the Government of Canada is adopting new ways of thinking and working in key areas, including project management. It focuses on nimble processes that allow projects and initiatives to adjust and adapt to evolving needs and technologies and, a workforce that can put them into action. The Canada School of Public Service has a key role to play and is enhancing its project management learning to help meet these needs.